CVN-101 and CVN-102 Bayley-4 Refresher Training Course – 2024

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Welcome to the refresher training for the Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, Fourth Edition (Bayley-4). Please ensure you have the following resources on-hand before starting the training:

  1. Bayley-4 Administration Manual 
  2. Bayley-4 Stimulus Book 
  3. Bayley-4 CRF (available in the Materials tab on the following page It is recommended to print the Bayley-4 CRF to have on hand during the training and the knowledge assessment)
  4. Bayley-4 Training Handout (available in the Materials tab on the following page. It is recommended to print the hand-out as you may wish to use the handout to take notes during the training)

This course involves review of a didactic training module and a knowledge assessment.  Select the first lesson below when you are ready to begin.

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