Trial.training is a training and resources portal for clinical trials and other research programs. In addition to courses and resource hubs, Trial.training also allows for the easy management and collection of qualification questionnaires, surveys, and the hosting of informational pages or videos.

Trial.training includes a full online LMS, or Learning Management System, for virtual trainings. Each LMS user of Trial.training is automatically directed to a series of appropriate online courses, modules, and other learning resources based on their research program. Voice-over video modules from expert trainers focus on administration and best-practices tailored to the indication, IP, and cultural considerations of each research program. Most programs include various steps for certification, including scored and unscored assessments, reliability exercises, and gold-standard scoring reviews.

Trial.training can also be used as an adjunctive resource in live-trainings, where raters or trainees are directed to complete exercises, review content, or take assessments in real-time under the direction of an expert trainer at in-person investigator meetings. Please contact Valis for more information.

What is Trial.training?
Trial.training is the home to a variety of easy-to-use training tools, courses and resources for researchers, students, and professionals, powered by Valis Bioscience.

I’ve been directed to fill out a form or questionnaire but don’t see it. How can I find it?
Make sure you are using the right link. It’s normally something like “Trial.Training/mysponsorsname”. You should have a link from your PI, study admin, or professor, but please email us if you need help.

I’m at a rater training, and I’m being told to log in, but I don’t have credentials. Help!
Don’t Panic! You can find credentials for your meeting in your email, or on your training handout. We also always have a few back-up log-ins for late additions. If you are at a rater training and don’t have your log-in info then please come and ask a trainer or your study admin, and make sure you write down your info so we can connect you to your scores later.

How do I access my rater training course?
Log in using your credentials and we will automatically send you to the right place.

I don’t have a log-in, how do I get one?
Please contact your study administrator, or send us an email: help@trials.training

How do I recover my password?
You can recover your password by clicking the ‘recover password’ link under the login, or by emailing your study administrator.

I’m stuck in a course. How do I get to the next lesson?
You can always navigate to the next lesson, or to any other available part of a training program using the menus on the right hand side of the website, or contact us for help.

Can I use my phone or tablet?
Most of our courses are tablet and phone friendly. All trainings will start with basic instructions however, which will specify if you need to do it on a specific device.

How do I contact Trials.training?
You can always email us at help@trial.training, or for sales or partnerships please visit our company site at Valisbioscience.com